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What Is Grey Blending for Dark Hair?

What Is Grey Blending for Dark Hair?

The process of grey blending involves adding highlights to grey hair. With the help of a combination of other colors with a similar shade, you can use this process to cover up your natural grey hair. Your hair will assist in giving your lighter gray blending hairs a natural highlight in this way.

Why Am I Getting Gray?

This trend that has emerged over the past ten years appears to be what finally enabled my mother to see the advantages of growing older. Today, we see celebrities of all ages with white or grey hair, grey hair with highlights, grey streaks throughout darker hair, or even ombre-style grey additions to darker locks. The natural-looking hair color trend has undergone an excellent, forward-thinking change. According to a British study, nearly a third of women under the age of thirty are experiencing premature aging, with stress being the main cause. Some women today start noticing grey hair in their twenties! Therefore, it makes sense that younger women started to age more quickly.

Is Gray Blending Right for You?

Gray blending is becoming a well-liked hair color trend as more people start to embrace their grey hair and incorporate it into their style rather than trying to cover it up or hide it. Your stylist can assist you in choosing a color and style that are both distinctly you and current trends because the finished look is inspired by your natural color.

An excellent candidate for a grey blending service is:

  • possibly not prepared to become completely grey
  • Don’t want full grey coverage or all-over hair color
  • Like their natural grey tone but would prefer more dimensional coloring
  • Looking for a color option that requires little maintenance
  • Want to switch from intense hair coloring to something that looks more natural?

There are also grey hair products that can improve your natural color while minimizing the appearance of greys if you’d rather not sit for hours in a salon chair.

How to Maintain Gray Brown Hair

Without mentioning purple shampoo, we can’t talk about gray-brown maintenance Opens in a new tab. This is true for all hair colors; a formula like INDIGO Cool Blonde Shampoo Opens in a new tab will balance out all tones and prevent brassiness. To keep grey tones from getting too warm, suggest to your clients that they lather up with it once a week. After that, ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo Opens in a new tab and can be used for all subsequent washes.

to maintain colored hair ColorMotion+ Color Reflection Conditioner Opens in a new tab is essential. It smoothes the cuticle and drenches the strands in nourishment for a high-shine finish. The EIMI Thermal Image Opens in a new tab heat protection spray rounds out any hair kit. Before blow-drying and tonging, mist it through the hair to conceal color and condition.

The Advantages of Grey Blending

In order to spice up your grey hair, VEGAMOUR spoke with LionLocs expert Nathan Watson about the advantages of grey blending.

The perm era, the highlight decade, balayage, vibrant colors, and tonal work are just a few examples of trends that have dominated fashion in the past, according to Watson’s gray blending. The new hair color trend is grey blending, which is a move toward natural hair enhancement.

Watson clarified how grey blending functions and why it appears differently for each individual.

He described it as being essentially grey camouflage. “It’s a low-maintenance coloring method that covers the grey by incorporating other hues that are comparable to the color of your hair naturally. This results in a smoother transition to these lighter shades and makes it appear less grey, silver, or white.”

He continued, “The grey will still be there, but it won’t be the main color. “Consider it as more pepper being added to the salt. There is no one way to blend grey because each hair color and head of hair is different.”

Gray Hair Color Blending Technique

You should look for a stylist who is knowledgeable about and skilled in grey blending if you want to try the technique. Based on your hair type, the shade of your grey, and the amount of grey you want to be visible in the finished product, they will develop a custom grey blending color treatment just for you. You might decide to go with a mostly grey appearance with a few white highlights. Alternatively, you can leave some grey or silver strands for a three-dimensional appearance.

To achieve a wash of colours that seamlessly transition from lighter to darker areas, some colorists may decide to add a few pieces of blonde highlights or soft neutral brown areas of partial coverage. Depending on the color scheme of your natural hair, each grey blending service is different.

How to Care for Dark Hair That Is Gray

Before going over the best ways to hide grey hair on dark hair, we should point out that having grey hair isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, not everyone likes the way it looks. Gray hair can be even more bothersome than dark hair because the contrast between light, silver-gray strands and dark hair is so striking.

Therefore, those with dark hair will need to cover up their greys if they don’t want them to show, whereas those with blonde or other light hair colors can get away with letting their greys be without having them be too noticeable. It’s important to dye grey hair with a dye designed to hide those dry, wiry grey strands.

If not, we’re all for embracing your thinning hair. Just be sure to use a home hair gloss, such as Silver Slate or L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss in Silver, to keep your silvery strands moisturized and shiny.


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