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What Is Festival Hair Braid

What is Festival Hair Braid

It’s that wonderful time of year again…festival season! We’re buzzing with excitement for a festival-filled summer, with Coachella just around the corner and music festival hair braid lineups dropping every week. Of course, while music festivals are primarily about the music, there is a certain amount of pressure that goes into planning the perfect outfits and hairstyles for the weekend. Are you going to Coachella or any other music festivals? We’re here to assist you in selecting the ideal festival hairstyle. Remember that music festivals are the ideal setting for experimenting with hairstyles that might not work in everyday life, so go ahead and try something new.

The Top 12 Festival Hair Braid Style Ideas

1. Dutch Braids

There are numerous variations and names for the Dutch braid. It’s also known as a reverse French braid because the technique is essentially the same, except the strands are crossed under each other instead of over.

This allows the braid to appear mounted on top of your hair rather than fully integrated into it. Whatever you call it, the look has an infinite number of variations. For festival hair, try a loose ponytail or double Dutch braids.

2. French Plait with Centre Parting

This look entails braiding a French plait straight down the middle of your head, leaving your hair loose or swooped into your preferred style, giving off an effortless boho-inspired vibe.

It works great for keeping your hair out of your face while partying and is simple to maintain – use our root boost lifter to add lift and volume before styling.

3. Braids with Skin

A smattering of skinny, thin braids instantly transforms you into a festival-ready look, and it’s a simple way to deal with troublesome areas that can become greasy or frizzy.

Take small sections of your hair and weave in a couple of simple thin plaits to frame your face for a free-spirited, ’70s look. If you don’t have a hair tie, backcomb the ends of your braids with a comb to keep them in place.

4. Braids at the hairline

Hairline braids can be styled on one side of the head (or both) for a buzz-undercut vibe for the ultimate rock-chick look. To add some glam, keep the crown height up with a dramatic side part flip or a backcombed quiff.

Use our thickening hair spray to add volume to your hair without weighing it down.

5. Double bubble pigtails

We love the playful and girly vibe created by this festival hairstyle, which was inspired by beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Sierra Furtado. The best part about this hairstyle is that it works best with second-day unwashed hair—ideal for the festival hair braid season when you’re relying on dry shampoo to get you through the weekend. Although this look works for shorter hair, we prefer it for long-haired ladies because you can go all-out with the bubbles. If you don’t have long hair, this is a great opportunity to use your Luxy Hair extensions to add volume and length, which will really bring this hairstyle to life. See the full tutorial for this simple bubble ponytail hairstyle.

6. Braids to waves

This festival hairstyle is ideal for long weekend festivals were washing your hair is not an option. With this two-in-one look, you can easily switch up your look with minimal effort. Simply braid your hair in french plats; the number of braids you use depends on how tight you want your waves to be. You can then rock your boho braids for the first 1-2 days and then undo on the last day for big voluminous texture waves. What’s great about this look is that it works whether your hair is naturally curly or straight.

7. Space Buns

Simple to do, but extremely effective. Space buns scream festival hair; while they are cute, they are also functional! Whatever the weather, space buns will keep your hair out of your face while still making you look put-together. With love a half-up, half-down look with space buns, or if you’re a few days in, tie your entire head of hair up into two little buns and just add Gypsy Shrine’s hair glitter.

8. Baby Braids

Want to wear your hair down but still want a braid detail? Hailey Bieber’s mini braids should do the trick. Despite their small size, they have a big impact by adding texture and a fun flair. “Baby braids are making a comeback and are also a fun festival look,” says Vidov.

9. French Braids

French braids are ideal if you want a hairstyle that will last from the day you arrive to the day you crawl back to your car from the campsite. You won’t have to worry about your hair daily, and you won’t have to worry about it becoming frizzy in the rain. Experiment with colored wool in your braids to really transform them or try our colored hair extensions.

10. Hair clips

You don’t want to go all out with multiple braids, or you only have 10 minutes at camp to do your hair before your favorite DJ starts playing? Not a problem. Hair clips have made a big comeback. And it only takes a minute to transform your festival hairstyle from drab to fab. Hair clips are the hottest hair accessory this season and can be worn in so many different ways. That you might be able to survive the weekend with a variety of hairstyles using hair clips in different ways. We adore luxury designer Jennifer Behr’s handcrafted hair clips. But there are more affordable options at Urban Outfitters. Forever 21, and other stores. If you can’t find hair clips, you can make your own.

11. Ponytail with a fishtail

This hairstyle is perfect for Coachella or any other summer festival. It’s practical, keeps your hair out of your face and neck, and elevates a plain old ponytail. To achieve the look, tie your hair into a ponytail and then fishtail braid it. Secure with an elastic band and fluff up the braid by pulling sections of it loose. You can even add a few flowers to the braid for a hippie-chic look. Or add hair extensions for length and volume. In the tutorial below, Missy Sue wears her 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to get a super thick ponytail.

12. Pull-Through Braid

This is a unique twist on a regular ponytail, just like the fishtail above. But practical enough for hot, sunny days spent outside dancing until you drop. Alex uses her 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to give her pull-through braid epic length and volume in the tutorial video below. Again, this braid hairstyle is ideal for camping music festivals such as Coachella. Where you will most likely not have access to trendy hair styling tools.

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