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What is Facial Masks?

10 best Facial Masks for every skin type.

A facial mask, also known as a face mask, can be an excellent addition to your beauty arsenal; however, not all skin care masks are created equal. Different masks are better for different people depending on their growing skin type. You may not reach for a face mask on a daily basis, but you may use them when you have time to slow down and enjoy them. When it comes to our skin-care routines, there is perhaps no step more indulgent than applying a Facial Masks. Whether you prefer a deep-cleansing clay mask or a hydrating overnight gel formula, devoting 20 to 30 minutes to skin care is the best form of beauty T.L.C. “[Face masks] are designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin,” says Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dry: look for a face mask containing hyaluronic acid, honey, glycerin, shea butter, or ceramides. You can use any of the ingredients individually or in any combination.
Sensitive: look for face masks that contain hyaluronic acid, aloe, chamomile, green tea, niacinamide, or cucumber extract. Cucumber extract has a cooling effect. Avoid using a face mask that contains alcohol or fragrance, as these can be irritating to sensitive skin.
Oily: types benefit from clay or charcoal masks because they absorb excess oil. Charcoal can also aid in the removal of clogged pores.

How we chose a Facial Masks

The active ingredients in the face masks on this list have been clinically proven to treat the skin conditions they claim to treat. To compile this list, we prioritized the science behind these face masks, followed by customer reviews and ease of use.

1. Hyper Skin Fade and Glow AHA Mask

Hyper Skin’s Fade and Glow AHA Mask hailed as one of the best brands for treating dark spots on colored skin, contains a winning combination of two of the most effective AHAs (or alpha hydroxy acids) — 5% glycolic acid and 5% mandelic acid — to gently exfoliate the skin and remove congestion. Dr. Wolinsky adds, “This mask also contains niacinamide and bearberry to fade dark spots and soften the skin.” “Because it is so decongesting, this Facial Masks is ideal for people who have acne-prone skin, but it also helps those who want to treat older scars and smooth their skin.”

2. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This is a soothing mask for sensitive skin that may have eczema or redness. “Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is an anti-inflammatory, hydrating mask that can also be used as a leave-on moisturizer,” explains Dr. Wolinsky. “Glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid hydrate dry skin, while niacinamide and cucumber soothe inflammation.” If your skin has been looking a little dull and dry lately, this is the option for you. Summer Fridays has always been a brand we’ve wanted to try, and its Jet Lag Mask made the cut. We love using it on random Monday nights at home despite the fact that it was mostly purchased for its throw-in-your-travel-bag aesthetic or to pamper yourself after a long flight.


Because of its versatile, buildable consistency, it can be used as both a daily moisturizer and an ultimate face mask with just a few squeezes from the tube.

3. Hydrating Clay Facial Masks from Beauty by Earth

If deep-rooted dirt and grime are clogging your pores, Beauty by Earth Hydrating Clay Facial Mask will clear the way by doing all the grunt work. The bentonite clay in this natural hydrating clay face mask gently extracts the yucky stuff while soothing skin irritation.

4. Ursa Major Bright and Simple Flash Mask

This Bright and Simple Flash Mask does exactly what it claims. Massage this Ursa Major enzyme facial mask into your skin for three minutes before rinsing. This gentle facial is designed to improve skin elasticity and brighten skin tone in a “flash.” Who said effectiveskin care couldn’t be quick and simple?



5. Facial Masks best for blackheads

The mineral agents in this active charcoal mask attract negatively charged ions from deep within your pores. This mask treatment, which includes white china clay, is intend to unclog pores, including blackheads on your nose and forehead.

Remember that clinical research on how activat charcoal benefits your skin is limit, and the ingredient can cause reactions if your skin is sensitive.

6. Best masks for oily skin

When this creamy clay mask is wash off it attracts oil and toxins, revealing smooth,clean skin. According to research, clay is especially beneficial for skin toning. Ingredients like apple seed and cucumber keep your skin from becoming too dry. Keep in mind that this mask contains oleic acid, which can stimulate cell turnover but can also irritate some skin types.

7. Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel Mask

We’d write Alpyn Beauty a love letter if we could. Victoria’s note: I use the entire line — from the bubbly cleanser to the top-rated moisturizer — almost every day, which says a lot considering I test a lot of beauty products. While it’s not a large container by any means, this clean beauty brand prioritizes quality over quantity. The founder of the brand also handpicks ingredients from nearby fields, so the wild huckleberry is both fresh and natural for polishing your skin to near-perfection.

8. Pixi Glow Mud Mask

If your skin has recently been prone to breakouts,Pixi’s Glow Mud Mask will be a godsend. The mask fights blemishes at their source by drawing impurities out of the skin and restoring yourskin’s gloww. You can even dab onto individual spots if you believe they require more targeted treatment.

9. GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask

GLAMGLOW’s Supermud Mask is ideal for acne-prone skin. Whether caused by hormonal changes, poor lifestyle habits, or a lack of sleep. It contains glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids, which help to dissolve dead skin cells and impurities, resulting in a beautifully smooth and calmed complexion.


10. Eve Lom Moisture Mask

If your skin feels strict and lightheaded, you should moisturise it to restore its radiance. Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask contains botanical extracts that help to reverse dehydration and prevent future moisture loss, keeping skin protected and hydrated.




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