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Peekaboo Highlights

What is peekaboo hair colour?

Peekaboo hair colour is achieved by applying colour to the bottom layer of your hair. When you run your fingers through your hair, the colour beneath “peeks” through to reveal a splash of colour. When you request peekaboo highlights at the salon, your colorist will apply thin or chunky streaks of colour beneath your top layer of hair.

what are peekaboo highlights?

Peekaboo highlights are coloured hair that is hidden beneath the top layer of hair. These hair highlights are typically not visible when the hair is worn down, especially when there is no movement in the hair. With peekaboo hair, this highlighting technique is ideal for professional women who want to be bold.

Over the last few years, the rules of traditional hair colouring have crumbled. From bright and vivid shades to soft pastel colours all over, and from dip-dyed ends to the latest colour trend, we’re seeing a lot more creative interpretations.

How To Get Peekaboo Highlights

  • Choose the colours and patterns of your peekaboo highlights. Take into account your natural hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour. To do so, seek the advice of a professional hairstylist.
  • Inform your stylist how you normally part your hair to assist them in determining where to place the peekaboo highlights.
  • To hide the peekaboo highlights, the stylist will colour your hair in sections, leaving the top layer untouched. They begin colouring about an inch above the parting.

1. Purple Highlights for Blondes

To complement your platinum blonde hair colour, add some purple peek-a-boo highlights. Thin highlights throughout your hair will create a fun look that isn’t too obvious. It’s the ideal mix of day and night.

2. Chunky Electric Blue Highlights

Blue is the ideal colour to give your hair some edge. To achieve this one-of-a-kind look and bring out your inner mermaid, try adding a few bright blue peekaboo highlights.

3. Highlights from the Peekaboo Panel

The panel technique involves placing the foil in such a way that the colour appears to cascade. Because the colours can look different depending on how you style each day, this type of peekaboo allows the user to be extremely creative. Collaborate with your stylist to create a colour scheme that will stand out against your base colour.

4. Natural Texture

The beauty of incorporating some peekaboo colour into natural texture, especially when brushed out as seen here, is that those little colour moments spread out as each curl separates, giving the illusion that larger chunks of hair have been painted. “If you’re going super light,” says Bodt, “avoid super-tight hair ties and replace them with scrunchies and jaw clips to avoid tight tension that can cause breakage.”

5.  Spliced Blondie Hair

By definition, peekaboo highlights do not have to be woven. These blondie splices are fully highlighted chunks that lie just beneath the darker strands on the surface, creating a fascinating contrast.

6. Grays and Browns

One of the year’s hottest trends is peekaboo “skunk” highlights. They are both edgy and totally wearable. You can either pull your hair up to show off the grey or leave it down if you only want a hint of grey to show.

7. Mermaid Hairstyle

Who hasn’t wished to be a mermaid? You can be that with these dreamy multi-color peekaboo highlights. The purple and blue colours look stunning next to dark hair, but this look would also look stunning on lighter hair. You can wear your hair down to conceal the colour, but why would you?

8. Lavender

Try lavender hair for a sweeter, softer take on purple peekaboo highlights. Hidden beneath ashy grey or silver, the shade will give the appearance of thicker hair while also adding an edge to your mane look. Make it clear to your colorist that you want these highlights to be as blended out as possible.

Pick up a color-depositing conditioner like Biolage Professional Lavender Color Depositing Conditioner to add a temporary dose of violet tones if you want to experiment with lavender before fully committing.

9. Icy White

Some people believe that the most popular hair colour is something contrasting. Most people would guess auburn or purple on the top of the head, but it’s icy white. This colour as peekaboo highlights is absolutely stunning and is a sight to behold when contrasted with dark hair.

10. Yellow and Black

Neon hair is trending on Instagram. Wear neon yellow and black at the same time to up the ante. Add a third colour, such as platinum grey, for extra points. Looking in the mirror will never bore you.

11. Peekaboo Pale Pink Highlights

If you like your hair to be textured and to have a variety of colours that complement and blend well, pale pink Peekaboo highlights on brown hair and regular blonde highlights will give you the look of the year.

12. Highlights of Peekaboo Color Mix

When it comes to hairstyles that draw all eyes to you, this Peekaboo rainbow hair is unbeatable. Choose a yellow blonde colour and hide some green and pink highlights among the golden strands.

After you’ve dyed your hair, divide it into two sections, roll them, and tie them together to form a low ponytail.

13. Neon Yellow

Neon yellow peekaboo hair colouring is ideal for those who want to stand out. The colour blends well with fairer roots, increasing in vibrancy as it reaches the ends. Peekaboo colour encompasses the entire neon spectrum, resulting in limitless possibilities.

14. Peekaboo Blue and Teal Highlights

If you have blonde hair, blue peekaboo hair is a must. Choose teal and blue tones and begin blending some highlights into your platinum blonde hair. Easy waves and curls will make your mane stand out like never before. Finish off the look with blue smokey eyes.

15. Sneaky Oil Spill

The ‘oil slick,’ as it has come to be known, is the granddaddy of peekaboo colouring, having originated in the salon of New York-based colorist, Aura Friedman. A combination of green, purple, and blue highlights are applied to the hair to give the impression of fluidity and light on black and dark brown hair.

The oil slick, which is appropriate for both long and short hairstyles, emphasizes curls and adds a shiny, opal iridescence to shorter locks.


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