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K18 Hair Treatment

What Is K18?

Consider your hair to be a bond-laden ladder. The horizontal rungs of the ladder are disulfide bonds. Polypeptide chains also serve as the ladder’s sides, connecting the rungs vertically. When our hair is damaged in any way, those horizontal disulfide bonds can be broken, which is why bond builders have become more popular before, during, and after chemical treatments, explains K18 cofounder and CEO Suveen Sahib of the research he and his team conducted to develop the product. Most bond builders make the hair’s outer structure — the cuticle — look smoother, glossier, and less damaged. However, vertical polypeptide chains cannot be patched or “glued” together, which is where K18 enters the picture.

K18 works at a molecular level to change and repair broken polypeptide chains, as well as reconnect disulfide bonds. Sahib explains, “K18 replicates the entire structure of these polypeptide chains.” “When they break, [K18] goes in there and reconnects them as if they weren’t damaged, restoring the chains to their pre-chemical damage state. It is similar to the structure.”

How does K18 function?

The keratin chain in hair is made up of many different ladders that have been twisted together; disulfide bonds keep these ladders in place. When damaged, these ladders don’t just break on one rung; they may break completely, including the runners and connections between different ladders.

Without any mechanism to support the sides of the ladder, traditional hair care products only work to build transient bridges (the ionic crosslink across the broken disulfide bonds) between the rungs of a ladder. These bridges are typically remove by any alkaline agent, such as water or shampoo (broken keratin chains).

K18 is the first peptide that can connect broken keratin chains, which results in long-lasting repairs and healing of the hair. K18 restores the disulfide bonds across the sides of ladders by entering the cortex, repairing the broken keratin chains, and reconnecting them. The strength and elasticity of the hair are repaire and return to nearly unaltered levels.

How to Use It Correctly

One common complaint from professionals and consumers (including this writer) is that hair-care treatments take a long time and require a fresh shampoo to begin. Then you apply your treatment and wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to work before rinsing it away. If you use it after you shower, your entire head must be saturated with the product for it to work. If you need to detangle first, add some time.

In terms of application, K18’s hair mask is similar to a leave-in conditioner. You shampoo your hair, skip the conditioner, and then apply a pump (or more, depending on hair length and density) of K18 to towel-dried hair before styling. The only important instruction is to evenly distribute the product and let it sit on the hair for four minutes before styling. When it comes to hair washing, there is no do-si-do.

“The (client’s) hair is noticeably softer and has shine for days,” says Natalie Ruzgis, a Chicago-based hairstylist. “The best part is giving clients homework; nine times out of ten, they return with healthier, better-looking, and feeling hair than before.” They also want to buy more. The proof is when clients want to incorporate it into their daily routines.”

The leave-in hair mask: How do you use it?

It is simple to use the K18 Hair Mask. You should be aware of the following steps:

  •  Use a clarifying shampoo to shampoo your hair, especially if you frequently use dry shampoo or styling products (try the Paul Mitchell value-for-money one-liter bottle).
  •  Keep conditioner out of your hair because K18 hair masks work best on completely clean hair.
  •  Dry your hair with a towel before using one pump at a time of the K18 hair mask. For longer or thicker hair, build up as necessary. Give your hair a uniform distribution from roots to ends.
  •  Give the product four minutes to do its magic.
  • 5After the four minutes are up, style your hair as usual with any hair product!
  •  Whenever you plan to straighten or blow-dry your hair, use a heat-protectant first. If your hair is begging for more moisture. You can even use a leave-in conditioner. But be sure to wait four minutes before doing so so the K18 mask can do its magic!
  • Use the mask every 4-6 shampoos for best results.

Just keep in mind that while the K18 mask is different from a conditioner, it is not intend to completely replace it. Analyze how your hair responds. Some people who use K18 frequently discover they don’t need a conditioner.

What Does K18 Hair Treatment Entail?

The K18 mask is essentially a lot of science pack into a tiny bottle. K18 treatment fixes the hair’s core structure along the length and width of the hair, in contrast to bond-building treatments that only fix broken disulphide bonds along the width of the hair.

The K18 Peptide (a patented substance) is a special bioactive peptide that mends polypeptide (keratin) chains that have been damage by bleach, dye, chemicals, and heat.

The mask is applied to freshly washed and towel-dry hair and left on for four minutes to “activate,” reversing damage signs and enhancing hair strength, softness, smoothness, and elasticity. You can style and treat your hair as usual after washing it after the four minutes are up without rinsing.

Where can I buy K18 products?

Hairhouse is ecstatic to carry the amazing K18 mask! Ask your hairstylist for more details in-salon as this K18 combination spray and mask treatment is only available at salons.

Shop at Hairhouse for the best and most recent selection of K18 hair products, either in-person or online!

The conclusion

After using K18 myself, I fully comprehend why everyone is so obsessed with it. The mask is incredibly simple to use and provides results almost immediately. My hair feels both stronger and absurdly soft. It is intend to work for all hair types. But since I have relatively straight hair. I can’t speak to how it will behave on curly or wavy strands.

If you’re not quite ready to spend the money on the K18 product yet, you can even buy a try-it size. But you will, I assure you.

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