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Hair Color Trends

Hair Color Trends

A hairstyle change and there are plenty of cool hair color trends to experiment with right now. While the biggest color trends over the last two years have been natural, pretty takes on super-low-maintenance colors—like undone blonde and cinnamon brown—experts predict that 2022 will be all about having fun as life returns to normal…hopefully.

That doesn’t mean you have to dye your hair bright pink (though if you do, we have plenty of tips for you). Rather, there are numerous unexpected stories about classic hair color ideas that are also popular. Why settle for standard highlights when you can have caramel ribbons or silver champagne? We spoke with top stylists to get the scoop.

1. Brunette on a Budget

Many blonde celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, have switched to a pretty brown hair colour in the last year, and we expect more to follow in their footsteps in 2022. “Expensive brunette is all about adding energy, dimension, and detail to deeper hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, European creative director for Evo Hair. “When going for a darker shade of hair colour, it’s all too easy to apply one tone all over, which produces a similar result to using a box dye at home.” I believe it is our responsibility as professional hair colorists to provide our clients with something they could never get at home, and so expensive brunette is all about adding detail and interest with multiple deeper shades.

 2. White in the Winter

With salons reopening, expect to see more brightly coloured blondes this year. “We are really loving Anya Taylor-retake Joy’s on this classic bottle blonde look,” says Mark DeBolt, colorist and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon. “There’s something about that one-tone, even if it’s a high-lift, or double-process, blonde. This Hair Color Trends is ideal for those who want to stand out in a crowd—this blonde can transport you back to the glamour of Marylyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield.” Though anyone can achieve this shade with enough bleach, DeBolt recommends it only for those with lighter natural Hair Color Trends due to the intense nature of the work.

3. Orange Hair Color

Orange hair is the most uncommon colour, and dying your hair Orange is a great way to emphasise your hair texture and cut. There are several colour options available, including reddish-orange. This colour is unique in that it is also bright, bold, and expressive. It is a striking colour that can be styled in a variety of ways. Depending on your preference, you can apply the colour to your hair in thin streaks around the face or throughout the hair.

4. Curlights

Curly kings and queens will have flourishing hair colour in 20222. “Highlighted curls can be achieved without damaging the delicate strands or losing the curl pattern,” says celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas. It’s easy to get lost in all that movement and volume, so keep the placement simple when hand-painting highlights: Choose the curls you want to highlight and simply paint them in the position you want to see them.

5. Copper, the next-door girl

It’s trying to give us high school sweetheart vibes, and we love it. Papanikolas adores this pale strawberry shade, which she says is especially easy to wear over blonde hair or existing red tones. “If you already have red hair, he says, “all you need to do is lift the base and highlight first.” “A pale, almost-blonde base colour with copper undertones is the best way to define the tone.

6. Highlights of Cali-Cool

Earlier this year, Hailey Bieber had us dying our hair “expensive brunette,” but the trend that’s sticking around is her new take on barely there highlights. “It’s similar to the balayage we’re all familiar with, but darker. The colour is dark/natural overall, with a few strategically placed highlights to frame the face, natural part, and ends “Papanikolas explains. Starting with lighter hair, you can reverse the traditional highlighting technique by adding depth at the roots and mid-shaft to soften the contrast between the highlights and base colour and make the remaining highlights pop.

7. Overlays with Vibrant Colors

I’m seeing more and more natural colours with vibrant highlights, vibrant money pieces, and even ombré dipped in vivid colours, says Cynthia Lumzy, celebrity hairstylist and wig colorist. “By combining the pop of colour from the vivid tones and creating depth with the natural base, you get a visual impact that is both visually impactful and balanced.” She recommends using Matrix Keep Me Vibrant colour lamination spray, shampoo, and conditioner to keep your bold hair colour looking fresh.

8. Long Ombré

If the phrase “high-maintenance hair” makes you want to flee, this trend is for you. “It’s created by taking the traditional ombré look and extending the root area,” Lumzy explains. So, if you had highlights last summer and they’re still growing out, you’re almost there. “I predict this will be everywhere because it requires very little maintenance,” Lumzy adds.

9. Bronde Honey

As the warmer months approach, honey bronde is one of Rez’s most popular shades.” “It’s the ideal blend of blonde and brunette,” he says. “A medium to light brunette shade is used to create the background and depths of the silhouette.” For added vibrancy and contrast, light blended honey gold highlight ribbons accentuate the perimeters and run through the ends. This colour has a gleaming effect! The warmth of the highlights adds a glimmer.

10. Platinum with Low-Maintenance

Consider this a new and improved version of platinum blonde, starting with darker blonde roots and melting into all the bright colour you could want—without the risk of major damage from constant touch-ups.

11. Brown Hair Color

A reddish-brown hair tone is a great way to experiment with red hair, but blending the colours creates a more wearable hue. The combination also adds depth to the hair and will complement all hair textures and cuts. You can style it however you want, including a stylish lob haircut with a subtle part. The way the hair falls on the face is extremely flattering and can soften the features.

12. Blonde Money Piece

Anyone with any natural hair colour can make the transition to blonde by being extremely subtle and focusing solely on the “money pieces,” which are the flattering strands right around the face. Minimal babylighting can be used to blend the blonde of your choice into the rest of your hair.

13. Soft and cool black

Black hair colour is frequently misunderstood as harsh when it can be striking in the most stunning way if you make sure to flatter your skin tone. This soft cool-toned black stands out against warm skin tones.

14. Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre can be achieved in any colour combination, but it looks especially good when combined with black hair. The transition between the two colours is noticeable, but not in a clashing way because the colours complement each other. The shade of blue you choose will determine how dramatic your finish is, and darker colours will produce less contrast. The technique can be applied to hair of any length or texture, but it is most visible on longer hair. It’s great for adding depth and dimension, and it’s low-maintenance because you don’t have to retouch the roots.

15. Chocolate Brown Blush

If you blink, you might miss the subtle blush tint in this colour. Enter: the most romantic way to update your natural brown strands for 2022.

16. Hair Color in Solid Black

There are numerous ways to style black hair, making it a fashionable and popular choice for any woman. The colour is flattering on most skin tones and can be styled in a variety of ways to highlight your hair texture. The allure of solid black hair is that it is a bold colour that can make a statement with little effort. When exposed to light, it can shine, resulting in beautiful, healthy-looking locks.

17. Bleached Hair Color

Bleached blonde is an unnatural colour that draws attention to the hair. This hair can make a statement and make the hair appear thicker and fuller, but it is also damaging. It is best to have your hair done by a professional colorist to reduce the dryness caused by bleaching. The appeal of bleached hair is striking, but it can be difficult to wear and can feel dry and frizzy. The colour is great for standing out in a crowd, but you may find it restricting in certain settings, such as the workplace.

18. blonde sandstone

If you’re not sure whether you want warm honey or cool-toned ash, this is the best neutral blonde. It has elements from both ends of the spectrum.

19. Ginger Brown

Ginger hair is one of the top hair colours to look out for. If all-over ginger sounds too intense, ask your colorist to use a balayage technique to softly blend a ginger shade with your brunette roots.

20. Ombre black and grey

Ombre is a colouring technique in which two colours, one light and the other dark, are blended together. It is a low-maintenance option that is excellent for lifting the hair. It can be difficult to pull off ombre with black hair, but try it with grey if you want to try something new. Black and grey are complementary colours that will bring out the best in your hair. Grey hair will also create less contrast than blonde hair, making it less daring and easier to wear.

21. Red Apricot

This orange-toned red, similar to a brighter take on copper red, is the ideal way to add major eye-catching appeal to natural red hair.

22. Toned Blue and Black Hair Color

Two-toned hair is a colouring technique in which two distinct colours are used. These colours can be whatever you want, but if you have naturally dark hair and want to update it, adding blue is a great way to do so. Blue and black complement each other well, and while this is a bold look to pull off, it is not as daring as other combinations, such as black and pink. Using blue only on your bangs is another great way to draw attention to them. Bangs are an excellent addition to any haircut because they draw attention to your facial features and make you appear younger.

23. Black Hair With highlights

Honey blonde is a golden yellow colour that is both beautiful and versatile, and it will look great with your black hair. With multiple highlights throughout the hair, it is possible to change the colour while also adding softness. The Hair Color Trends has the potential to brighten your complexion.

24. Silver Hair Color

Silver-blonde hair is an unusual take on blonde hair. Instead of warm colours, this shade is cool. It’s versatile and flattering on most skin tones, but it also feels edgy and cool. The colour will give your hairstyle a rebellious vibe. Choosing a silvery blonde shade will add to your hairstyle’s rebellious vibe. The Hair Color Trends is high-maintenance and requires regular root touch-ups, making the process time-consuming and costly.

25. Pink Hair Color Shades

Pink is one of the most simple colours to wear, and there are many different shades of light and dark pink to choose from. You can mix and match several to give your hair depth and dimension. Pink will give your hair a feminine finish and can make a statement because it is associated with femininity and love. It is best to leave the hair long and loose in order to fully display the colour.


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