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curly hair types

curly hair types

Why is the curl in my hair? The shape of the actual hair follicle determines the curly hair types, which can range from pin-straight to curly. According to Rolanda Wilkerson, Senior Scientific Communication Manager at Procter & Gamble, “Our hair follicles’ shape and how the hair emerges from the follicle …

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Best Hair Color For Blue Eyes

Hair Color For Blue Eyes

What hair color complements blue eyes? The possibilities are endless if you want to experiment with a hair color that complements blue eyes. If your skin has warm undertones, opt for colors like vivid orange, bright red, and pink; pick hues like pastel blue and lilac for cool undertones. What …

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What Is Grey Blending for Dark Hair?

gray blending

What Is Grey Blending for Dark Hair? The process of grey blending involves adding highlights to grey hair. With the help of a combination of other colors with a similar shade, you can use this process to cover up your natural grey hair. Your hair will assist in giving your …

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K18 Hair Treatment

k18 hair

What Is K18? Consider your hair to be a bond-laden ladder. The horizontal rungs of the ladder are disulfide bonds. Polypeptide chains also serve as the ladder’s sides, connecting the rungs vertically. When our hair is damaged in any way, those horizontal disulfide bonds can be broken, which is why …

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What Is Money Piece Hair?

Money Piece Hair

What Is the Money Piece Hairstyle? The term “money piece hair” refers to face-framing highlights that are lighter on the front and more or less present on the rest of someone’s hair; the coloring technique is a 90s throwback inspired by hairstyles worn by celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Geri …

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What Is Festival Hair Braid

Festival Hair Braid

What is Festival Hair Braid It’s that wonderful time of year again…festival season! We’re buzzing with excitement for a festival-filled summer, with Coachella just around the corner and music festival hair braid lineups dropping every week. Of course, while music festivals are primarily about the music, there is a certain …

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Hair Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut 2023

What Is a Wolf Cut? The “wolf” haircut is the offspring of the shag and the mullet. For a very wild and edgy new look, it combines the length and volume of a mullet with the choppy layers of a shag wolf cut 2023. According to celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger, …

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Girl’s Haircut Styles

Haircut styles 2023

Trendy Hairstyles for Women Trendy Hairstyles for Women are frequently searched for on the internet these days. This is linked to an increase in hairstyles and haircut styles 2023. Because women can’t decide which of several options is better. However, today’s fashion designers create hairstyles for women that are appropriate …

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What is Modern Indian Wedding Hairstyles?

Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2023

Modern Indian Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Brides with long hair can opt for an elaborate bun. In this style, the tresses are wrapped around and swirled multiple times to form a bun. Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2023 will highlight the thickness of the hair and make it look voluminous. Adding …

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South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles A south Indian bridal hairstyle is best suited for women who have long, wavy hair. This style goes well with sarees. This hairstyle is best suite for women who have long, wavy hair and a round face shape. This hairstyle can be worn on different occasions, …

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