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Best Hair Color For Blue Eyes

What hair color complements blue eyes?

The possibilities are endless if you want to experiment with a hair color that complements blue eyes. If your skin has warm undertones, opt for colors like vivid orange, bright red, and pink; pick hues like pastel blue and lilac for cool undertones.

What shade of hair highlights blue eyes?


To be completely honest, blue eyes stand out independently without much assistance. Although your eye color is already striking, the right hair color can accentuate it. The ideal amount of contrast to make blue eyes stand out is typically provided by rich brunette tones, warm blonde tones, and coppery reds.

What Hair Color Goes Best With Blue Eyes?

You should be on the lookout for the words “cool” or “ash” if you have blue eyes and fair skin. Black, blonde, and cool, intense browns all look good but avoid red undertones. Subtle highlights of wheat or honey will then complement your tones. Your blue eyes will sparkle when surrounded by ash or platinum blonde hair.

Rich golden blonde, dark golden blonde/brown, as well as chestnut or auburn hair colors, should be considered by people with warm skin tones that are honey, gold, and beige in color. All of these lovely, opulent, rich tones are excellent choices for your base color. Together with cinnamon and red highlights, these hues give your hair more depth.

Optimal Colors for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Blond is undoubtedly the best hair color for pale skin and blue eyes because of the variety of its shades and the fact that these two features were created to go together in nature. In other words, genetic mutations tens of thousands of years ago caused human skin, iris, and hair to become altogether lighter due to a lack of sunlight in higher latitudes.

Blonde hair colors are therefore the most natural hair color options for people with pale skin and blue eyes, provided that they are chosen to complement your skin’s undertone. You see, if you choose a very light shade like platinum for your face and it is fairly pale, it will completely blend into your skin and make you look washed out.

The key is to first understand your undertone before deciding how you want to complement it when choosing a hair color for fair skin and blue eyes. In general, if your complexion has peach, yellow, or golden sparks, you are a warm type. You are a cool girl if pink, red, or blue shines through your skin.

Green Hair Colour Blue Eyes

Blue eyes and green hair can look amazing together! Green and blue are close friends on the color wheel and both are consider cool hues. As a result, they create a serene and energizing color combination without being too intense for one another.

Aim for darker shades of green if your eyes are a deeper shade of blue. The hues of the forest, such as juniper, pine, and moss, are excellent choices.

These, however, function best as accents or highlights. If you want something more vivid, think about seafoam or shamrock green. Additionally, mint is a gorgeous hair color that won’t compete with your blue eyes.

Colors for Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

Let’s look at some brown hair color suggestions for blue eyes as we move darker along the color spectrum. Although porcelain-skinned celebrities like Megan Fox and Eva Green show that stunning contrasts impress regardless of what Mother Nature thinks, science considers dark-haired, blue-eyed girls to be a rare occurrence in nature.

Ash brown, chocolate brown, and burgundy are good hair colors to complement cool undertones, while chestnut and golden browns work well for warm undertones, according to the basic rule. Remember that older women may find dark brown hair color to be too harsh, but they can still rock the suggested shades. Consider adding highlights to the area around your face if you are a woman over 50 with fair skin and blue eyes to soften the look.

Cherry Brown Hair Blue Eyes

Choose one of the many shades of brown to get away from the brighter hair colors. Darker brown hues, sadly, don’t always go well with blue eyes. If you have deep blue eyes, you can easily transition to a deep brown or even black color.

Try to stick to the lighter shades if your eyes are lighter. It’s a great idea to start with a chestnut brown, especially if you want to add bright highlights. Your eyes will be complemented without being overshadowed by this shade of brown.

Electric Hair Color Blue Eyes

However, when it comes to those with blue eyes. Especially lighter blue eye shades like ice blue, baby blue, sky blue, or steel blue eye shades. Getting your hair dyed in a darker shade of blue can actually make your eyes stand out. People frequently prefer a contrast in order for colors to match perfectly.

All you need to keep in mind is that blue eyes and blue hair can cause a “contrast.” Simply match light blue eyes with dark blue hair and darker blue eyes with lighter hair.


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