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10 Natural Makeup Tips and Tricks

Natural Makeup Tips and Tricks

Natural makeup isn’t just for relaxing. When you want to switch up your red lipstick or smokey eyeshadow, a simple beauty look is your best friend. For the most natural look, consider fresh, polished skin paired with flattering neutral shades to complement your complexion Natural Makeup Tips.

But, unless you have our makeup artist-approved tips and techniques, achieving a truly fresh-faced finish can be a little tricky. With these ten glow-boosting tips, you’ll be able to achieve your most natural makeup look ever.

1. Make Your Base Shine

A good primer will prep your skin while improving texture and tone over time. Miracle Prep 3-in-1 Beauty Protect Primer SPF 30 is a clever formula with skincare benefits, including brightening ginseng and pollution-blocking gingko biloba. Furthermore, the lightweight texture is easy to apply and works to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone in just four weeks.

2. Foundation and Correcting

The goal of day makeup is to look fresh and flawless in the morning. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to conceal the dark spots or circles. Natural Makeup Tips mix your face cream into your foundation using the back of your hand. Blend this mixture onto your face with a sponge or brush.

3. Moisturize Your Lips

No one needs dry, dried-out, or flaky lips! The reason for this issue is typically dry, cold, and blustery climate as it coaxes dampness out of your skin. Natural Makeup Tips before you apply your lip demulcent, shed away any dead skin with a delicate, hydrating lip clean. You can likewise buff them with an exceptionally delicate toothbrush. Peeling makes your lips look better and draws out their normal tone. Then, apply a lip cover or demulcent and let it hit home for two or three minutes. Right now, you could exceed all expectations and put on a plumping demulcent or serum to make your lips look greater and more profound in variety.

4. Natural Makeup Tips Apply Eyeliner

When applying natural makeup, you can skip the eyeliner. Simply curl your lashes or apply a light coat of mascara and you’re ready to go! If you have a little more time, you can use eyeliner to subtly enhance the shape of your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker. Stick to simple brown or black instead of brighter colours, and only use it on your upper lash line. Don’t bother with difficult techniques like wing. Instead, smudge and blend the product into the roots of your upper lashes with a soft pencil.

5. Prep for a fuller pout

Keeping your lips moisturized is the key to making them look plump, but you might not have guessed what that is. “I recommend doing a lip scrub first to remove the dry skin,” says Renée Liz, founder of the Black-owned beauty guide Color May Vary. Not only will rubbing your pucker with a gritty sugar- or salt-infused product help your favorite lip balm or oil penetrate more completely, but “your lip products will go on much smoother and stay on much longer,” she explains. She adores the LaShola Beauté The Real Lip Kit, which uses brown sugar to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

6. Natural Makeup Tips Twinkly Eyes

What is the simplest way to look like you tried today? Put some glitz on your eyes. Cheng created the above look with the metallic end of Huda Beauty’s Matte & Metallic liquid eye shadows. “I’ll tap the centre of the lid or the corner of the eyes with my fingers for a subtle twinkle,” she says. “I’ll use Lemonhead’s fun assortment of glitters for a full-on sparkle.” Mixing and matching texture and colour layers is a fun way to add dimension.”

7. Define With False Lashes

Lane says, “I sometimes add faux lashes instead of liner to make a client look natural with a special sparkle.” LoveSeen’s false lashes are uncanny in how closely they resemble your own lashes—but longer and more fluttery (we love how comfortable and weightless they are). Lane also enjoys how balms, such as the colourless All Heal balm from Wise Ways Herbals, which comes in the cutest little tub, help to illuminate lids.

8. Use Concealer Carefully

Overuse of concealer can lead to the demise of your natural makeup look. Concealer, on the other hand, can be a very useful tool for highlighting your facial features without smothering them in makeup. Instead of using bold lipstick, blend concealer around the outline of your lips to make your pout pop. Instead of applying a shimmery highlighter to your brow bones, swipe concealer across them for a more natural look. For a more intense luminous effect, repeat the process in the inner corners of your eyes and down the center of your nose.

9. Leave Your Lashes Bare

It is extremely difficult to make mascara appear natural. It doesn’t take a trained eye to notice when someone is wearing a thick coat of black paint over their lashes. When going for a bare-faced look, skip the mascara and curl your lashes instead. Heat your eyelash curler for a few seconds with a blowdryer before using it to create a curl that will last all day. If you have extremely light, thin, or short lashes and feel that mascara is a must-have for you, use extreme caution when applying it.

10. Natural Makeup Instructions

This quick and easy tutorial from YouTube beauty guru Laura Lee is perfect for beginners. Laura employs fewer than ten products to achieve a stunning final look that combines flawless skin, a subtle contour, and a bare lip. She draws attention to her eyes with a generous application of mascara – no eyeliner or false lashes are required! As Laura points out, this is ideal for school or work. The best part is that this video is only 6 minutes long, so you can quickly recreate her look.



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